Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So my amazing, now Fiance, asked me to marry him December 6th, 2010! I can say this has been the best day in my life so far!! I'm so excited to spend the rest of our lives together! 

So here is how it went down....
Monday nights I have class til 7:45. Alex decided to wait and eat with me that night for dinner. He started making it and when I got there I helped him finish. Then we ate and during dinner he suggested we pick out the pictures for a frame we previously bought. So he gave me the stack of pictures I had printed out a while back. When I got to the last one it was a picture of him, thinking to myself, *I've never seen this before, what is this picture?* Then I moved my hand from half the picture and realized it was him with my ring! I look to my side and there he is, down on one knee, ring in hand. Well me being me, I was completely shocked and slammed the pictures down and said (of all things) "I hate you." But please note, I hate you was really supposed to sound like, "I'm so surprised, this is amazing, you totally got me" I then was filled with excitement and disbelief! This day we've been talking about for a while is finally here. How amazing! So then he asked and I ,of course, said YES!!! 

So now we are engaged to be married and then live happily ever after! ;)


Let the wedding planning begin!!! :)

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