Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy Busy!

  So I'm starting this at such a hectic time in my life. I am currently cheering for Oklahoma Christian. It is so time consuming. We have practice 3 times a week and possibly up to three basketball games a week. Its a busy life, but fun. We are currently getting ready for Homecoming, which is in three days! :) Getting everything situated and perfected is time consuming. It takes a lot of practice in and out of the gym. I'm also on the homecoming committee that is coordinating the pep rally that is the day before the homecoming games. It is all coming together nicely but the group still has a lot of work to do. 
                                     (Cheerleaders! We're sooo cute!!)

 And to add to everything else I am in an amazing club, THETA. Which is one of the greatest things I could've asked to be a part of. But it is time consuming also. We are trying to make everything for our float! It takes a lot of work from everyone, but it's all slowly coming together. :) I'm so thankful that I love all the girls in the club because it is so much more enjoyable to spend my free time doing things for the girls and for the club :)
                          (some of the girls from my rush class this year)

 My family will be coming down for homecoming and so will my boyfriends family. This will be the first time they meet. I'm so excited because I know they will all get along. I only wish we could all live closer to each other so we could all spend more time together. BUT I guess being further away makes us appreciate when we are together more.

Life is changing so much, but all for the good.

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