Thursday, November 11, 2010


As you can tell from my previous blogs my life is CRAZY!
But last night was amazing and relaxing because of Alex.

We went running and ran our normal route in less time, which is always a great accomplishment. Looks like we'll have to start running more!
Then we went back to his apartment and just hung out. I caught up on my Grey's Anatomy and he ended up falling asleep! After all that we cooked dinner together. We had left over chili we made the night before but made some spaghetti noodles to make it Chili Mac! It was delicious. Normally I would then go to a friends and watch ANTM but she was busy last night so me and Alex just relaxed some more and then I went to my bible study. After he picked me up and we went and got Starbucks (its our evil habit). Then we rented a movie from Redbox (Grown-ups). It was hilarious. We watched it with Alex's roommate and his girlfriend!! I had already seen the movie but it was still extremely funny!
Oh yes I almost forgot.. We got the new Thanksgiving Blend coffee from Starbucks and we brewed some this morning and it is delicious!! :)

I just want to say thanks to Alex because I really needed a great night of relaxing with the one I love. He knows how to de-stress my life and make me feel so special! :) :)

I can't wait for forever with him!

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