Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yay! Homecoming is over! It was awesome! Theta's Alumni breakfast was a blast & the float & seniors looked amazing! The cheerleaders rocked it at both games!! It was a blast.
The families finally met & everyone got along. We stayed super busy but had a blast. We got to go to Pops, the little parade the clubs put on, the games, and Alex's indoor game! Oh and by the way he totally scored :) I'm so relieved that homecoming is over but I really had a great weekend!

Only two weeks til Thanksgiving break! I am going home with Alex for the break. I'm really excited to go with him and see his family traditions. His older brother and his "soon to be wife" will be there. Which is going to make the weekend that much more exciting! We are all going to participate in the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. I have never done this but Alex has and he said it is fun. A TON of people are in the "trot" So I'm pretty pumped about it.
I'm sad I won't be going home and seeing the family but christmas break is not far off so I don't have to wait that long to see them.

School is super busy right now. I am putting all the finishing touches on my spring schedule, preparing to teach a lesson to one of my bible teachers, preparing two speeches, and then just the normal school work! Just gotta keep saying 2 weeks, 2 weeks! :)

Cheer practice last night was AWESOME! We are doing a new 1 man stunt and my group totally got it. We did awesome. I was able to push Skye up to a lib, in a one man! AAHH I can't wait to do it at a game!!! I'll be sure to have pictures taken! I can't wait til all three groups get it!!

Alex and I started running together! I hope we stay on schedule and continue to do it. Its great bonding time and good exercise.
Tonight we're watching Americas Next Top Model at Skye's and then bible study with my small group!
Great night ahead!

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